In anticipation of Apple’s new iBox product due out in 2011, we announcing a new, $100m Fund dedicated to investments in companies building Apps for the iBox. Below is a description of the product. We intend to begin evaluating companies immediately. If you are developing an iBox App, please forward a summary to We were treated to a sneak peak of the iBox and were duly impressed (see enclosed photo). iBox Description: The iBox promises to revolutionize the Consumer Electronics Industry by offering, for the first time, a sleek, well designed container to carry all your Apple products. The iBox will transport and store your iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, and Lisa products that you have accumulated. The iBox will not support non-Apple products such as MP3 players, Windows devices and Smart Phones. Initially, the iBox will not support WiFi or Cellular service. However, a subsequent version is planned with built in camera, WiFi and 4G so you can access the iBox and its contents remotely. The iBox is expected to sell for $199 for the Standard White version and $299 for the Black U2 version. Apple Stores, Best Buy and the Container Store are expected to carry the product line when available.